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Author: PlugLocation: Tyne Valley PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2002 7:26 pm    Post subject: Memory Tester
I've had the odd problem since adding more RAM. I'm sure it's the memory, but if I take it back and they test it OK, they'll charge me. Does anyone know of a way to test RAM? Any free downloads?

Author: ComSec PostPosted: Fri Sep 06, 2002 9:24 pm    Post subject:
sounds like a dodgy sim...!

try this memory Diagnostic only for a limited time, but it might help you to pinpoint your problem,..... check the site for more details.

program:DocMemory Diagnostic

DocMemory, an advanced self-bootable PC Memory Diagnostic Software is a user friendly software designed to capture all possible memory failures in PC.

A rigorous test pattern excerises both the PC Base and Extended Memory to locate defective memory, all carried out without the need for user to disassemble memory from the PC.

Download the software and the installation program automatically create a self- booting diagnostic diskette. Simply insert this diskette into the floppy and reboot your PC to begin testing your system memory.

Available memory test patterns includes sophisticated algorithms such as MATS, March B+ ,March C-, and Checkerboard…etc. Selecting "Burnt-In Mode", will capture 95% of PC System soft memory failures. Editing the pattern and other parameter functions are made simple by using a mouse interface.

For Limited Time only - DocMemory diagnostic software, is available free-of-charge. Download your FREE copy now ! If you still need help send us an email to DocMemory with a detailed description of your system and problem and we'll do our very best to help you.

here is also a FAQ page.

Hope it helps


Author: PlugLocation: Tyne Valley PostPosted: Sat Sep 07, 2002 4:27 pm    Post subject:
I downloaded it and ran it for a few hours (!). No problems reported.
You have saved me the cost/embarrassment of taking it back to the shop.
I guess it's just not compatible with my mobo.

Author: ComSec PostPosted: Sat Sep 07, 2002 9:39 pm    Post subject:
if i were you i would get in touch with the shop and ask them to swap it with one that is.....most places will exchange.

hope you get it sorted Wink



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