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Author: hadsLocation: New Zealand PostPosted: Tue Oct 01, 2002 2:01 am    Post subject: Lite-On DVD drive feedback
I bought a Lite-On LTD-165H 16 speed DVD-ROM a while back and decided that I would just post and say that if you are looking for one, this is a good cheap drive (IMHO). Hopefully this isn't a complete waste and this model is available where ever you are.

Cost me AU$80 which was pretty reasonable and I eaisly found a RPC-1 (region free) firmware for it. Had no problems updating it. I think it actually turns the drive into a LTD-165P or something.

It runs nice and quiet with either CDs or DVDs and the only noticable noise is the initial spin up.

Just thought I'd share.

Author: ShaolinTigerLocation: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia PostPosted: Tue Oct 01, 2002 10:32 am    Post subject:
Does it have any problems reading CD-R's CD-RW's? etc..

My creative is a bag of sh|t it always locks up since I flashed the firmware to de-region it.

And it has problems reading most things, it plays DVD's fine but apart from that no good..

If I try and play an SVCD on it, it's either totally out of sync or just skips all the way through.

Don't buy a creative DVD drive.

Author: hadsLocation: New Zealand PostPosted: Tue Oct 01, 2002 10:52 am    Post subject:
Na, all good. I've read several types of CD-R & CD-RW all mint. Even tested it with a DVD-RAM I borrowed off a mate (It claimed it could read it so I thought I'd find out).

Haven't had a chance to test DVD-R/RW yet -- I'm not rich enough Sad

Can't say I've really got into making VCD/SVCDs at the moment so haven't tried them either.

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