DVR and 4channle quad(help)

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Author: ractive PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2005 6:37 pm    Post subject: DVR and 4channle quad(help)
hi all
maybe you guys can help me witht his ,
okay so i have a dvr system , a kmc4400R , 4 channle , runing 4 cameras . its working fine , i decided to add a 4 channle quad to the system so i can watch all for camera on TV moniter all cams the same time , so i bought 4 BNC splitter (male ,female , male ) T , i pluged the Female side of the BNC splitter directly on the quad then i ran cable from the frirst end of the bnc spliter to the computer and the i ran cable from the second end of the BNC spliter to the camera .
now i can see all 4 cams on the tv and the computer , but the video on the computer is now alot darker , i think i lost some quilty when i used a bnc splitter , am looking for some thing that will post the singal and split in the same time , 1 in 2 out or for the 4 cameras , 4 in and 8 out , OR , 1 in 1 out , and i can use 4 of them , one for each camera .
am not really sure what to look for . amplifier? , distrubtor? or what?.
please help me out in this one
thank you in adavance

Author: AISGLocation: New York City PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2007 10:04 pm    Post subject:
check your video terminations - it sounds like you double terminated the video signal - you have 75 ohms terminations in two places. It is not a wise idea to use T connectors to begin with - use the looping options from the DVR, and if that is not an option - use a video amplifier which has more than one output channel...

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