Entourage cannot read simple html hyperlinks?!?

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Author: Cep PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 2005 11:02 am    Post subject: Entourage cannot read simple html hyperlinks?!?

I am sending a hyperlink in an email to a mac user on entourage.

The hyperlink is embedded within an html email and is simply,

<a href="www.myserver.com/hello.php?name=cep&work=stuff">click here</a>

When the mac user recieves this link it does two things,

1. Does not display the link as it should do within "click here" and expands
the link next to the text.

2. Breaks the link in half because it appears to wordwrap it to,

<a href="www.myserver.com/hello.php?
name=cep&work=stuff">click here</a>

I'm getting pretty fed up with this at the moment, its a standard peice of
html why is this product having such a hard time with it?

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