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Author: chrisLocation: ~/security-forums PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2002 2:35 am    Post subject: Web enabling a current VB program
This is just for a 'in theory' type thing for a bit of work.

Already have a VB working project, im presuming it can be compiled into a .DLL and then parameters passed between the DLL and ASP pages for example to web enable the application.

Without going into detail on the actual program side does anyone have any generic docs or web pages.

Cut N pasteable stuff would be ideal Smile

Author: haydiesLocation: Hades PostPosted: Mon Apr 22, 2002 9:54 am    Post subject:
You would be better off makeing it in to an OCX, not to hard there is a wizaed to create them I would think.

I hate VB so I don't know exactly how to do it, but OCX's are easy to call from ASP. You can use a DLL, or you can use an EXE but the OCX is probably best. The EXE approach the worst.

OCX's are DLL any way, just with a much better access method.

Alternitively port it to Delphi much better Razz

Author: JJ PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2002 12:39 am    Post subject:
Compile as DLL if it is non visible is Data Access or OCX if it is to have a visual side.

Once compled placed on server and registered you can used the ASP Server Create Object to Init the (OCX/DLL) and Set obj = nothing to Kill it
Any Quest Just ask.

Author: haydiesLocation: Hades PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2002 11:13 am    Post subject:
OCXs don't have to be visual, its just a dll any way, with a flashy header....

Author: ToddKLocation: Ottawa, Canada PostPosted: Sat Nov 30, 2002 10:10 am    Post subject:
This is called the COM/VB/ASP development model and is fairly common. You use ASP pages to call the COM component(.dll). You can also do it with PHP. One of the reasons to do this is, as you mentioned, to web enable older systems. The success of this approach depends on how clean the original dll's code was. If is was properly designed then it should work. Another good reason for this is to hide your code from people after it is deployed.

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