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Author: BusterLocation: Borders PostPosted: Wed May 29, 2002 7:41 pm    Post subject: Video card problem
Getting big shit from my kids for this.
My machine uses a NVIDIA RIVA TNT 2 Model 64/model 64 pro.
The kids bought a game (medal of honor allied inv) which seemed (to me) not to work in sync with the card.I thought i would go to the card makers web site ( and download the newest driver available.
I downloaded the upgrade for win 98 from the Detonator XP driver (video cards) section as instructed and self installed. Making sure all virus protection progs were off.
After installing and restarting an error message appeared ' Error in NvQTwk missing entry NvCplDaemon.The game itself does not work at all now.All that appears is a grey screen.
Any ideas on how to fix this please.
If this helps my system comprises of., AMD Athlon 1.1
Win 98, 256 MB ram. Also bus type AGP, BIos vers, on bord mem 32 mb, irq 11. ( i havn't the foggiest what these mean).
If yous need more info please ask. Keep any replies as non tech as poss please. Embarassed

Author: Mongrel PostPosted: Thu May 30, 2002 4:21 am    Post subject: you don't have the original driver disk?
try this link - -if challenged for username and password use drivers for username all for password. If you can't get in through that link
login username drivers password all - search for nvidia
there are multiple sources for nvidia drivers there. The problem is you can't really be non-technical about it. Many card manufacturers use nvidia chipsets and they have special drivers.

You'll have to use trial and error - always boot into safe mode (F5 key when first booting up) and change drivers there.

Good luck - I know it's frustrating to the Nth degree!!

Author: SliptopLocation: Wales (UK) PostPosted: Thu Jun 06, 2002 1:28 am    Post subject: Interesting Point
I have actually had similar problems with nvidia chipsets myself, they are aware of problems with some games (on XP) and are trying to rectify this, and although this doesn't help you I have an old saying that might.

"If it aint broken, don't fix it."

It seems the game worked before you updated the drivers, what I would do is use the old drivers, at least until nvidia have rectified the situation. This is one solution or as written above, hunting down the specific drivers could also help, though I would recomend the afformentiond.



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