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Author: bildos PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2007 12:45 am    Post subject:
I recommand Kaspersky Internet Security 7.
It's the best AV solution.


Author: primate PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2007 11:42 am    Post subject:
Hi, I recently had the opportunity to test and compare McAfee 8.5i, NOD32 and Kaspersky for use in my company.

I eventually settled on Kaspersky, though I would highly recommend NOD32 for a home user. It will take a bit of getting used to but NOD32 is so lightweight, fast and provides excellent security, if it hadn't been for its idiosyncratic admin interface I may well have chosen this for the corporate deployment. Even with the limited sample of malware I used in testgin McAfee managed to miss one rootkit completely and didn't deal with another, it was also incredibly resource hungry (but everyone knows that!)

Author: Offerlam PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2007 10:56 am    Post subject:
I agree with Groovicus

There is no BEST antivirus.

With all the spot there is on trojan virus and exploits on OS systems today It can't be hard for anti virus firms to keep up. The only solutions i don't like is the free solution, I have a hard time trusting such a solution to do the work. That being said it is certainly better then nothing.

When we in our firm choose a anti virus we looked more as to how well the support was for the produkt national aswell as internationl and how well it implemented in windows domain envorioment.

Author: venera17 PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2007 10:51 pm    Post subject: Trend Micro
I've tried several other types of antivirus software and I think trend micro is pretty much the best. Also, according to the latest issue (sept 2007) of Consumer Reports Magazine, the best anitvirus software is Trend Micro Internet Security 2007. Here's the complete list from that article:

1.Trend Micro ('PC-cillin') Internet Security 2007 (now referred to as "Trend Micro Internet Security 2007")

2. Check Point ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 7.0

3. McAfee Total Protection 2007

4. McAfee Internet Security Suite 2007

5. Microsoft Live OneCare

6. BitDefender Internet Security 10

7. F-Secure Internet Security 2007

8. Symantec Norton 360

9. Symantec Norton Internet Security 2007

Author: Techie47 PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2007 3:56 pm    Post subject: Preparing your computer against virus and other attacks

I have been going through all the threads under this discussion. Many have recommended a lot of products which they think are the best and to a great extend they are true too. Because, the person or the company who uses it use it depending on various circumstances, it can be cost effectiveness, it can be the extend of level where they can secure their network resources and it can also depend on scalability. I have been using various antivirus programs for many years now. I still believe that Norton Antivirus is the best eventhough it takes a lot of the PC resources and can be so slow at many times. But atleast it gives you the best virus or other intrusion protection ever though at a good value. I also have even tried a lot of free programs like AVG, Avast, Comodo, Clamwin etc. I would think that they are good for a home user, but for some one who can pay, I would say you got to go for Eset NOD32 antivirus system. The best think I like about it is so fast and doesnt take a lot of the resources, and its user friendly to use.
I did use AVG, Comodo and Avast for a few months, but I was not totally satisfied with them because, sometimes they cannot find out trojans and other malign spywayre or malware which comes in various forms like activex controls which normally get downloaded from web.

So if you have the money for a antivirus system, I would ask you to go in for NOD32, just because its not slow like Norton and also it detects most of the viruses spreading over here.

The other point is that if you are looking for a free antivirus software, you can go ahead with Avast, AVG or Comodo. Comodo has this HIPS system, and this can be annoying at times, because you should be a tech savvy to understand what Comodo does. The HIPS system checks for all your software installed and whatever new software you try to install and when its not their in their library, it just prompts you whether you want to install it or whether you want to submit the application to their research department for analysis so they can update that in their future updates or releases. Lol, sometimes it can get out of control.

Talking about Avast, its pretty simple to use, and quite effective for all home users. But mind you, I would also recommend you to use other malware or spyware programs and also a good firewall along with this. That applies for AVG too. May online websites rate Avast higher than AVG just because of the reasons I said above.

Its not so easy to talk about antivirus and security in a nutshell. It takes a lot of time to diagnose various circumstances and look into the issues as well to get a better outview on all these. What I have done in this small message is to just put my points of view and think that it will help people who are not that computer savvy. If you have any queries or concerns, please do reply to me, and I will be glad to help you.


Author: dh3220 PostPosted: Fri Oct 05, 2007 7:01 pm    Post subject: I think I have the answer!
I have had the opportunity top use a lot of anti-virus software programs over the years and the one thing I hate the most aobut them is they all lack decent support. You either are charged for support calls, they don't get back to you right away, they expect you to use "self help", you end up talking to someone who doesn't understand you or you don't understand them. I recently found what I believe to be the solution to all those in an article form PC Magazine (I think). The software is FREEWARE from and they have an option to upgrade to what they call "instant online support", where you can talk to a real person located in the midwest...Iowa I think. I've tried it and it works!

I'd be interested in what others

Author: kisezr00kLocation: McEwen, TN PostPosted: Thu Jul 09, 2009 7:54 am    Post subject:
SO I was reading through this thread, and I see a couple of different anti-virus programs listed here, but I don't see CYberdefender. I use Cyberdefender and it works great. I've had it block severla infections from getting onto my computer. The upgraded version comes24/7 technical support and 2 gig online backup. I recommend this to everyone I know.

Author: tikifragalongLocation: Earth PostPosted: Thu Oct 08, 2009 6:10 pm    Post subject:
I also use Cyberdefender and I love it! It's always strange to me how so few people know about it. I used to use AVG in the past, but I haven't looked back since downloading Cyberdefender's free scanner a year ago. And you are right, the tech support is AWESOME! They have helped me out of several jams.

Author: Allex PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 11:37 am    Post subject:
I am using McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise 8.5i it is easy to use & Virus Scan provides protection from the newest potentially unnecessary program. Razz

Author: SteelValorLocation: Central New York PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 3:55 pm    Post subject:
The best defense is a layered defense and in my time online, circa 1994, I've had only a few viruses.

My first ... was on a Mac. TAKE THAT APPLE... and the rest on my PC ... TAKE THAT M$!

So my suggestions for protecting your PC are:

a decent router
Windows 7 (best os I've used to date)
MalwareBytes AntiMalware (buy it!!)
ESET NOD32 (buy it!!)
Firefox for surfing

Author: Aram PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 6:09 pm    Post subject:
As a specialist, I recomend

1.AVG (8.5 or 9)

They all are the best ones. sure every AV has its own disadvantages, but if the end- user configures and personalizes the settings (how to scan, what to scan and when to scan), the best protection will be the result. however, I prefer AVG 9.

Author: raheelfidaLocation: Pakistan PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2009 7:19 am    Post subject:
Eset NOD smart is better than other ,,,,,,,, very light ,,,reliable , clean infected files without corrupting them

Author: jhonas PostPosted: Wed Nov 10, 2010 11:25 am    Post subject:
Avg is quite good antivirus software which provides security from harmful virus and trojans and its also consumes less memory consumption.

Author: keithmartin PostPosted: Wed Nov 10, 2010 6:47 pm    Post subject:
In my opinion ZenOK Free Antivirus, so far so good, has this ultra-light scanning that makes it easier. For ESET, few days ago, I have try the Norton 360 BETA, but I just uninstall it today, It consume too much resource than other antivirus software, I give up.

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