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Author: minkata PostPosted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 2:04 am    Post subject: iphoto oddity
Want to know what happen if you drag a "tiff" format picture into an iphoto library?
Nothing till you press "slide show" which will display until it reaches the alien "tiff" which must be thus pretty close to compatible , but not quite , some corruption to allocated memory spaces must occur when the software starts stuttering and attempt to return and show previous jpeg and eventually freeze.
By then of course pressing the escape button and force quitting iphoto seems a good start to prevent further damages . Manually removing the "tiff" from the library didn't cure the problem outright . iphoto was however functional except when asked to "slide show"; further , the workings of iphoto's "slide show" from other users was similarly affected. I was mulling about perhaps reinstalling iphoto from disk , using "pacifist" ;-) (no , I am not a share holder )
when i thought it would be an idea to try "onyx" ;-) (ditto) and fully optimise the system . Running "slide show" was successful. Here is the oddity : - a "quadruple" iteration of a photo with the same identity : DSFC00023.jpg
I kept one and erased the other three . (why not ? , the next step would have been to sacrifice DSFC00023.jpg ). In hindsight , I should have taken a "mug" shot .
Weird stuff don't you think?
The moral of the story : don't drag any other format than "jpeg" in iphoto but if you do it's not the end of iphoto. ;-)
PS: please don't ask me what took me to drag a "tiff" format into iphoto in the first place . After all you don't want to embarrass me do you ?

Author: Sherman HomanLocation: Norwell, MA PostPosted: Fri Feb 23, 2007 10:43 pm    Post subject:
Interesting experience. However, I think that there must have been something else going on with your Mac. TIFF files are perfectly legitimate in iPhoto. Yours may have choked iPhoto for some reason, then Onyx cleaned things up. I know you don't want to be embarrassed into revealing why this happened in the first place... Very Happy but have your tried it again?!

I was going to test some TIFF files in iPhoto and run slideshow, but you have scared me off!

Author: minkata PostPosted: Sun Feb 25, 2007 5:05 am    Post subject:
Hi Sherman,
My machine seems to be ok , and I use " iphoto library manager" so my iphoto libraries never exceed the 2000 pictures mark which according to some is a threshold to glitches with iphoto. In fact all my libraries contain less <1000 picts.I am embarrassed to admit that During a rather maniacal clean-up and reorganisation process , I found that "my pictures" folder contained a lone "tiff" picture . I was loath to create a folder to place it in (I can be thrifty at times), so my bright idea was drop the"lone tiff" into iphoto which hungry mouth was wide open at the time at the surface of my desktop Embarassed Feeding iphoto with tidbits as you know can be quite relaxing . The second embarrassing admission is that I didn't look at iphoto help which says : " 
>< I don't get good results with image files other than JPEG
><iPhoto is designed to work best with JPEG files, the standard format for data compression of still pictures. If you experience problems working with a non-JPEG image file in iPhoto, use another image-editing application to convert it to JPEG.><
As you can see ,"iphoto Help" doesn't forbid the use of other formats but issue a "warning" type of statement .
Of course "iphoto help" didn't display a straight :-" I stuffed up iphoto with image files other than JPEG .
I concede that < "I don't get good results with image files other than JPEG"> sounds more "suave"Wink
To answer your question , I didn't try feeding iphoto with annoying "lone tiff" tidbits again ,being a standard "gallinae " type guy .(another embarrassing admission). I suspect the memory allocation for each picture is probably limited to compressed formats .
Because of your question
I am wondering if running a library exclusively of any formats such as "tiff" would allow the slide-show to operate without faults . In any case I am not really keen to experiment .
PS: I am sorry to have scared you off . Wink Embarassed

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