How to enable Internet using LAN card.

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Author: mypass604 PostPosted: Thu Dec 11, 2008 10:58 am    Post subject: How to enable Internet using LAN card.
Iam using ISA 2004 in windows 2003 server for testing purposes having LAN and WAN cards. In my 2nd computer windows xp is install also with two LAN cards. A LAN cable comeing from ISA server and terminate in to the windows xp Client machine. I gave the ip address,gatewayand DNS address internet workds ok.

I want to run my Laptop with the client machine 2nd LAN card.Please just guide me that how can i enable internet in my LAB top using client 2nd LAN with out using any switch.

I want to use through LAN card from the clients machine (windows xp)" to my LAP top.
Please guide me that how can i enable Internet in my Labtop.

thanks in advance

Author: Fire AntLocation: London PostPosted: Thu Dec 11, 2008 2:41 pm    Post subject:

1 - Put another LAN card in your ISA box and make things complicated.
2 - Attach a hub to all the LAN cards and go back 20 years in networking.
3 - Buy a switch and do things properly not do a Heath Robinson. (


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