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Author: Priitaa PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2009 8:05 am    Post subject: Spam email - Problem
Hi! Nice to be here again! Smile

Recently I was told I have a 'troll.' Such a harsh sounding word IMHO. Nevertheless, I have one.

A couple months ago she joined several of my e-groups (but this is "not" an egroup question, just hang in there. ha). Then started emailing me with different names/addresses. Actually pretending she was different people.

She insisted on preaching anything from New Age psychology to religion to me, and a few other things too. Tho saying "insisted" is putting it politely, she seems obsessed. And I felt tricked, as I could not, initially, recognize it was her with a new name and address.

Then I found out about (hope its ok to post that, if not just remove it). It works great for yahoo email, but I have hotmail. Tho hotmail updated and made a way to be able to view headers again. So I thought I could use it at that site. But the headers are odd, and the site keeps giving error messages. I double checked with a bunch of hotmail email addresses, including my own. Always gives error etc messages. sigh.

Than I did a bit of research (for my feeble self ha) and downloaded a couple programs, but most of them would not download. Or maybe its cuz I got them from which doesn't seem to cooperate so well with my comp (but sometimes does).

VisualWhoIs had great feedback, but the free program was almost blank. Besides, it rejected email searches, only did web pages.

Downloaded next, MagicNetTrace. It claimed in the write up it searched emails, but I can't find that feature.

There were a couple others, but I forget their names, as they did not work either. (I have uninstalled most of these programs.)

I figure, you guys here are the experts and would know a good program or I'd really prefer just to be able to use the hotmail headers. I tried editing out parts of the header that did not look important (as compared to yahoo headers) .....but that didn't work. What's up with hotmail anyway. Oops. Smile

Anyhow, I need to find a way to recognize the new names this lady emails me with, etc.

Sorry this is so long, I just want ya to know, I really tried before posting here.

Thanks and Peace,

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