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Author: Rezo PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 5:08 pm    Post subject: Submit Virus For Analysis
Submit Virus For Analysis

I've met many people that find what they believe to be a virus on their computer. They want to retaliate, and ensure that it is analyzed by experts and help the community. Often if you submit infected files to the proper places, the other antivirus companies will find it detectable and prevent further attacks of home users as well as any compromised infrastructure.

Here are 2 places that you can use to upload the file:


Click "Submit File" and follow the prompts. Enter the code, give your email address, and upload the file. At this point, you will be contacted via email about the results of the file.


This website tests the file against multiple antivirus applications. If you are certain it is a virus, you can see how effective some companies are at detecting it. It might just give you an idea of what commercial software is "good" at what they claim to be able to do. It is believed that the owners submit certain code to AV companies when they decompile and analyze it. Yet another good place to send the file.


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