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Author: researchiskey PostPosted: Sun Mar 15, 2009 1:22 am    Post subject: Proxy programs and security
Hey guys, new to the forum but I love it so far! I know most people just use anonymous proxies and that is probably the best way to go but I wanted to see what everyone thought is the best way to go about using a proxy.

I am currently testing out xerobank's proxy program in whcih a driver is installed and you are assigned a new static IP through their system. It makes every browser run through it thereby making it to where you don't have to manualy configure it. However, it seems to have its drawbacks as it uses many of the same IP's over and over so on certain forums I am banned before I register.

I know there are a lot of proxy companies out there such as HideMyAss and Proxify but is there one you would recommend over the other? I want to be able to hide header information and all referrer information. I want to be absolutely anonymous yet I don't want to have the same static IP for a long period of time.

Any help would be appreciated .

Author: rlongLocation: Vancouver, Canada PostPosted: Mon Mar 16, 2009 7:39 pm    Post subject:
Hey researchiskey,

I can't resist weighing in here to mention that IMHO proxies are often misused/overrated. The best way to maintain online anonymity is to boot from a LiveCD and connect to an open wifi hotspot. Just remember that there is a trade-off being made here. Although the IP you are using will not be associated with your own account or name, logging into any online accounts or services (such as email) that you regularly log into from your own account (or another fixed account) could identify you. Also, anyone with a laptop nearby may be sniffing your unencrypted wireless packets and logging all of your activity. However, if this person is a complete stranger whom you will never see again and you don't browse any sites that identify you, your anonymity remains intact regardless of their snooping. Finally, don't expect a LiveCD over open wifi to guard your anonymity if you are the only one in the place with a laptop and the hotspot you choose is the cafe down the street with multiple security cameras and friendly staff that know your name. The point is, online security/privacy is a matter of risk assessment and risk management. How important is it that you conduct any given activity anonymously? How much effort should/could be reasonably taken to ensure it? I hope this is helpful.

Author: researchiskey PostPosted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 3:50 am    Post subject:
My main concern is forums. I post on them a lot and I don't like them knowing who I am. They log your IP at every stop and I just want some anonymity from them.

I assume anything that sends cookies back to the server comprimises anonymity, but seems like some sites like do a good job of masking it no?

Author: Beverly Roberts PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, 2009 8:32 pm    Post subject:
Even with using a public wifi hotspot, they can still identify you by using correlation attack. If they know that only you visit a unique combination of URL's, then they can correlate those visits with your identity.


A problem with Xerobank is because of their mutli-hop proxies, they are very very slow. They also advertise about encrypted email. It's only encrypted storage, emails are not encrypted in transit. You also have to trust them not to read you messages because they have the key to decrypt your messages.

Beverly Roberts

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