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Author: GeekChicLocation: New York, NY PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 12:43 am    Post subject: Need Protection for a Small Website...
Hey there,

I am new to the site and new to the world of internet security, I am here to get some more information on how I can protect my site. My website is small and gets a couple thousand hits a month, and needs to be protected from hackers. What are my options here and how much should I expect to pay.

What would be the benefits of using a security software versus a web application firewall?



Author: ryansuttonLocation: San Francisco, California PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 12:57 am    Post subject:
Hi GeekChic,

There are guides, best practices and tools you can use to harden your web server. Are you hosting the web site yourself? If so please describe your network topology. What OS/Web Server are you using?

Author: nailzLocation: Boston PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 1:22 am    Post subject:
What kind of content are you hosting that you are worried about hackers on such a small site?

If you are using a hosting company please list it with your response to the above post.

Look forward to helping you

Author: HelpSecure PostPosted: Fri Jul 24, 2009 7:03 pm    Post subject: I hope this helps

A web application firewall does not route traffic on the network layer. All traffic stops at the firewall which may initiate its own connections if the traffic satisfies the rules.

Security software is very useful because it can prevent malicious patterns in executable code. There are several drawbacks to using a software such as degrading your computers performance and it does not stop hackers.

There is an alternative which SaaS (Software as a Service). It is generally associated by software professionals and business associates with business software and is typically thought of as a low-cost way for businesses to obtain rights to use software as needed versus licensing all devices with all applications.

Even if your website doesn't get too much activity, you still want to make sure that its 100% safe, and not low ball it because you want to save money. I do a lot of software research for my company, and have recently come across this new service called XyberShield. It is a relatively new concept for Internet Security, enacting a Behavior Based Protection that attacks and stops cyber attacks before they cause damage to your website. Everything from SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, SSI Injection, Brute Force Attacks, and HTTP Response Splitting is shut down through this service. The best part about it is its cheap compared to other services and products. You might want to check it out if your looking for something to protect your web application with, heres the link

Hope I answered some of your questions, let me know if I can be of anymore help!


Author: jhonas PostPosted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 1:17 pm    Post subject:
To protect your website from hackers, you must take a proactive stand on a daily basis. the hackers are already on their way into your data. Remember, hackers can do damage from inside the company as well, so take a step to maintain your server. keep all virus and spyware protection up to date. If possible daily check the password of your site and password must be a long characters.

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