Installation of SP3 over the WAN branches

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Author: hussi PostPosted: Thu Sep 17, 2009 8:22 am    Post subject: Installation of SP3 over the WAN branches
Hi everyone
I have a scenario that our org branches are scattered geographically.All branches are connected with main office via 128K DXX each(Star Topology).Now every branch contain 6 PCs have windows XP with SP2.I want to Install SP3 on these branch's PC through Main Office (over the WAN) remotely or some other method have less labour effort.I also dont want to do it through Group Policy Software Deployement,Startup Scripts.

methods which i thought are
Copy SP3 on one PC in every Branch and then through Remote Deployement Tool get deploy in LAN PC.And follow this approach for every branch.
But Copying 315mb package in every branch and then LAN deployement also revenues lot of efforts coz i have 30 remote branches connected with main office and doing above exercise for 30 branches produces much repititive task

can we follow some other approach in which we avoid repititive task and also bandwidth throttling via WAN deployement

WSUS is also not available to us

Kindly guide me for optimum solution

Hussein Ahmed

Networking/Security Forums -> General Software

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