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Author: Noov PostPosted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 9:18 am    Post subject: Network Access Logging

We have some notebooks (Windows Vista) that travel all around the country and the world. Every notebook has a wi-fi adapter, GPRS/EDGE Modem, LAN port etc. Every interface can be used to acces Internet and all the other networks. The mission is to log all connections (inbpund/outbound). In/out bytes, host ip, host port, destionation ip, destionation port fileds must be logged.

So, what i have done is that: i've set up windows firewall with advanced security to log everything it can log via group policy. But, as far as i know, windows firewall cannot log outbound allowed connections. That's the bad thing.
Also i have kaspersky antivirus for windows workstations mp4 installed (Anti-hacker included) but it cannot log network connections either.

So the question is "how can this mission be accomplished?". What software should i use to log every connection via network interfaces that every notebook makes? I can only use free software or utilities bundled in Windows Vista Bussiness.

Thanks in advance %)

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