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Author: mtrammel PostPosted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 8:31 pm    Post subject: pmacct configuration issue
I have successfully gotten an install of pmacct installed and configured on CentOS5. Its running as an SFlow probe monitoring a device on my network that isnt flow compatible. I would like to get classifiers working and have downloaded the .pat and .so files and have pointed to them but nothing is happening. I have had some trouble getting the layer-7 filter to install its looks like it will run but asks what file to patch? I'm not sure what ile its supposed to patch. Suspect this might be my issue, but dont have enough experience to resolve this. I know I'm looking for an IPtables file, but if you know which one, would you mind to point me in the right direction?
Also, when the collection actually starts, it only does inbound it appears. I have to set up two plugins, sfprobe[in] and [out] to get both directions but it shows as 2 instances. If there a way to combine these that I am missing so one instance sees bi-directional sums?
I very much appreciate any guidance.

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