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Author: NavyDaveLocation: Silverdale, WA PostPosted: Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:23 pm    Post subject: Restrict CD/DVD Burning
I'm looking for a way to restrict burning capabilities for client users from the domain/server level on networks NOT connected to the internet. I actually have several networks with two basic configurations.

1. WIN 2003 Servers with WIN XP clients (Panasonic CF-52)
2. WIN 2000 Servers with WIN 2000 clients (Panasonic CF-51)

Does anyone know how to accomplish this using domain permission groups? I can't install software controls (i.e. Nero Burn Rights, etc.) because ofÖ letís just call it bureaucratic red tape. I need to find out if this is possible with current server/client capabilities.

I would like to control this at the server level so I can maintain a standard software/hardware configuration throughout the client pool. This would also make it easier to grant burn privileges when needed. Adding a user to the group would grant permissions.

Thanks in advance,

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