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Author: azoundria PostPosted: Tue Nov 24, 2009 3:58 am    Post subject: "Simple Joomla Password Cracker"
Hi Everyone,

I don't use Joomla.

Nobody knows my password except the server provider I am using, and myself.

I just changed my password, and the problem happened again.

My passwords are a mix of 16 uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers, of which there are 4,178,511,850,022,702,569,647,809,560,576 possible combinations.

My password has been changed, and my index has been altered as follows:

Simple Joomla Password Cracker
Developed by : ilmuwebsite.com

Masukkan password hashnya disini :

Tolong di kembangkan ya ?! Very Happy

I'm using a reseller from Addora. I've dealt with attacks before where the index page is changed, but none where my password was compromised.

You can see the PHPInfo() here, if that helps: http://www.ismywall.com/phpinfo.php

I have told Addora to upgrade the server to PHPSuExec, and see if that helps, but I'm not sure what else to suggest, and I have no idea how somebody could have gotten or changed the password with or without PHPSuExec. Aren't they heavily encrypted somewhere in the server core?

I've found a page on the 'Simple Joomla Password Cracker' here:

But, when translated, it doesn't seem to match the problem I'm experiencing, though the translation is fairly difficult to understand.

To my knowledge and tests, none of my clients are affected, and at this point, it's really just confusing and scary that someone can do this.

Help, anyone?

Networking/Security Forums -> UNIX // GNU/Linux

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