some features of Antivirus Software should be considering wh

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Author: ankeer PostPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2009 8:17 am    Post subject: some features of Antivirus Software should be considering wh
Top antivirus software should be easy enough for a computer user to both install and upstall. The software should effectively seek out and identify virus threats, as well as clean or isolate infected files. There should be understandable reporting available for each scan and plenty of help support available, so you can be well-informed of the software’s activities and capabilities. Below are the criteria you can use to evaluate antivirus software:

1.Exceptional antivirus software is simple to use, regardless of a user's computer experience or knowledge of viruses.
2.Effective at Identifying Viruses and Worms
3.Effective at Cleaning or Isolating Infected Files
4.Antivirus programs should give immediate notification of viruses found by realtime scanners and should provide an easy to read report of scan results, including what was found and what was done with infected files.
5.A well-rounded feature set allows antivirus software to provide absolute protection.
6.Antivirus programs should be a breeze to install, making it easy to go from installation to initial scan in just a couple clicks of the mouse.
7.High-end antivirus software comes with plenty of help, including support via email, online chat or via telephone. There should also be online resources, such as knowledge bases and FAQs available for quick and convenient help.

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