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Author: DHay13Location: Pittsburgh, PA PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, 2010 9:33 pm    Post subject: about to build a new machine
i'm about to build a new PC. i don't do any gaming but in the course of my forensic work i have to transfer data from external devices. i'm looking at having both firewire and eSata ports. my question is MB and CPU. looking at tiger direct the 775 series boards only offer up to 8GB memory. the 1156 offers up to 16GB. i wasn't planning on going with the core i5 or i7. my plan was to go with a core 2 duo, maybe quad but after researching it seems that the quad isn't much faster and is quite a bit more costly. i don't mind paying the money if i am getting something in return.

so the real question is, what CPU? core 2 duo, quad, i5 or i7? i'll be running win 7 pro 64 bit with at least 8GB ram and SATA drives. i'll also be running virtual ware such as either vmware or virtual PC.
the applications i'll be running are EnCase v6.**, FTK 1.62 and office 2007.

i have no experience with either the core i5 or i7 but have heard that most software doesn't utilize the extra power.


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