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Author: jangozo PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 1:22 am    Post subject: Java instant messenger implementation
Hi guys,

I'm writing a chat client for mobile phones using bouncy castle. I'm using a central server to authenticate each client who logs in and forward encrypted messages between clients. I have very little experience with this package and cryptography in general so I'd be very thankful for any hints/criticism you might have towards the method I consider.

So far my plan is to use 1024 bit RSA to authenticate users to the server. Inside the RSA encrypted data from user A will also be a public key, which will be sent only to users who have user A on their contacts list. Now, user B (on A's contact list) can use user A's public key to encrypt a symmetric Salsa20 key, which will be used for the rest of the communication between these two users (A and B).

Any hints/suggestions/criticism are welcome Smile


Networking/Security Forums -> Programming and More

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