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Author: eagleshadowLocation: Texas PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 7:03 pm    Post subject: Kingsoft Security Suite Questions
This is my first post here, but I really like what I see on this forum.
I performed a search, and looked over the sub-forums, but could find no specific information on Kingsoft (antivirus & firewall). I was only wondering about this security suite because initially, I thought the software was from a company in Australia; it turns out that Kingsoft is a Chinese company. Perhaps I'm exceeding the limits of paranoia, and I realize it's difficult to even purchase anything actually made in the US any longer, but I just wonder about things such as this at times. One reason is, I joined their online forum, and it's virtually dead. That's kinda' strange in itself. But, back to the software; one reason I like it so much is that it does things that few other security suites I've used ever thought about doing, like checking the patches on Windows and updating them if there are new one's out or if I somehow missed one, and looking for vulnerabilities and reporting these. And yes, I do have update turned on, but this is still a nice feature. NOD32 is the only other suite recommended that I probably haven't tried.
I also use OpenBSD packet filtering, and Smoothwall Express. This is possibly overkill, but I like to watch the tcpdump at times to see exactly what's coming in and going out.
Any comments or suggestions appreciated.

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