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Author: jony PostPosted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 3:32 pm    Post subject: Multiseatting in Windows XP
I know a lot of you have multiple computers and are thus in a position
to try this multiseat configurations setup.
what is multiseat?
Definition from wikipedia:
"A multiseat, multi-station or multiterminal configuration is a single
computer which supports multiple independent users at the same time.
The configuration typically consists of a set of input (e.g. keyboard
and mouse) and output (e.g. monitor and headphones) devices for each

So basically one PC can be used by multiple users , doing completely
different things at the same time on different monitors! Magically one
computer is turned into many using just a piece of software. Of course
one would require a second set of monitor/keyboard and mouse.

I can't find any review of "FriendlySeats" software anywhere, which is
surprising, considering how useful it sounds. Would anyone here be
geek enough to try this out and posta review?

What you would need:
1. in addition to your current keyboard/mouse , connect a pair of usb
keyboard and usb mouse to your pc.
2. connect second monitor to a your video card. Basically each monitor
requires a seperate video card, external or onboard. So one display
can be connected to onboard gpu and the other to a gpu card , provided
that the onboard gpu isn't disabled when an external gpu card is used.
this is confusing na ?
3. thats it , download , install the software (free trial here: ) and configure it.
4. post reivew .

anybody up for it ?

I am not affiliated with this company btw. Here are three more apps
that perform the same function.

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