Benefits of PDF Over Word File Format.

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Author: Vicky Milza PostPosted: Sat Oct 30, 2010 1:58 pm    Post subject: Benefits of PDF Over Word File Format.
The digital files or documents can be sent across systems with different configurations. Such types of file formats are portable and compatible across the systems. The advanced set of features are embedded in this kind of application which enables a user to incorporate any kind of information or content and even insert multimedia effects to the document. The file size gets compressed and the document becomes transferable across multiple platforms. This application also has an advanced feature of protecting the content of the document with passwords.

The Word file format has been designed by Microsoft Company. One can easily and smoothly prepare an editable computer application. With the help of technologically advanced features, you can create a document in an attractive as well as striking manner. One can customize the content of a file with the help of options available in this application.

The PDF file format has these compression algorithms and therefore you can insert graphics or images as per the requirement. With the advanced set of security features, Portable Document Format can encrypt the files with ease and convenience. You can even incorporate digital signatures to protect the content with the copyright laws. The PDF file format also renders a professional appearance to the document. There are many easy ways to convert an editable content into a non-editable one. You can make use a Word to PDF converter tool for smooth conversion. These tools equip a user with an assorted set of features to select.
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