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Author: apegia PostPosted: Mon Nov 01, 2010 10:45 am    Post subject: Office Security - three man office
I am about to be "CEO" of a 3-man office and hold sensitive client data. This is a startup rescue of a huge company business destroyed when a major client went bust taking our previous company down too, so money is really tight.

I don't mind old desks and an office that isn't all glass and aluminium etc but the most important thing is data security.

Two of us are apple based and the other one is Win7 based. The W7 user is a complete computer novice). We also transport our laptops regularly.

Is there a good simple open-source (preferably) security system that will encrypt/decrypt client folders on the fly (and e-mail)? Ideally we'd like something where you have to plug in an SD card that holds keys so that when travelling, the Keys are not held on the computer. We hold data on s3 amazon cloud and on an internal network. Computers sync to the internal network when connected to it. (The Internal network is not connected to the net but we do have a wireless internet in the office so we know there's a risk

Everyone accesses all files and we also encrypt a DVD of client data each month and wing it over to the client who has a PKI key so that they also have a complete copy of their data in the event that we implode.

Sorry to be such a newbie but the previous company had a sophisticated IT department which ran all of this - so its a bit new to me

Recommendations welcome if you would all be so kind

Author: capiLocation: Portugal PostPosted: Mon Nov 01, 2010 11:34 pm    Post subject:
I would suggest TrueCrypt for on-the-fly encryption. It is open source, portable across Windows, Mac OSX and GNU/Linux, and it supports key files (which you can store externally on the SD card).

As for email, I'm not sure if you wanted something that would encrypt the email in transit (as in, from the moment it leaves your computer to the moment it arrives at the other person's computer). If so, I would suggest using OpenPGP. You could use Mozilla Thunderbird with the Enigmail addon (which uses the well-known GPG to do the encryption).

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