Understanding the Benefits of Working With PDF Files.

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Author: Vicky Milza PostPosted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:01 pm    Post subject: Understanding the Benefits of Working With PDF Files.
All of us have worked with PDF files in some form or the other. We would have downloaded an instruction manual from a website for a new product,received brochures in our mail or been given handouts of a presentation in the PDF format.We would have all appreciated the clean and precise look of the files but would not have given much thought to the file format being used, much less wondered why portable document formats are preferred to other file formats. Nevertheless, everyone is aware of the robustness and security features of PDF files.

Portability - All that you need to view, copy and print the file is a PDF reader. You can find a number of software with varying set of features in the market today but the overwhelming favorite is the Adobe Reader - the free software provided by Adobe to view PDF files. Once you have the Adobe Reader, a user can read a PDF file on any platform.

Document Fidelity - Even if you have created a document in another file format and then converted it into a PDF file, you can be rest assured that both the content as well as the visual elements of the document will be precisely maintained in the PDF file.

High Levels of Security - these files can be encrypted and password-protected, thereby providing a very secure way of transferring confidential information or sharing data through tools such as email. One can control the level of user access and Portable Document files can also be digitally signed so that the authenticity can be verified by the receiver. To top it all, Portable Document files offer great resistance to virus attacks and other malicious attacks ensuring that very rarely do PDF files get infected with viruses or Trojans. Even if they do, repair tools can very effectively scan and restore most of the data from corrupt PDF files. These files are thus a safe and trusted way to store and share important information.

Vicky Milza

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