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Author: JulietNLocation: uk PostPosted: Wed Nov 24, 2010 5:44 am    Post subject: Any ideas
Hello, everyone. My first post here.
My auntie told me that she has been suspecting that her little kids are looking at some "illegal" sites online. She put a free web blocker on the computer, but they might be finding loopholes. She wanna install some child-control program to see what's going on. There are so many since I searched for child-control for Mac. I am really dazzled, especially when I look these Aobo Mac keylogger, keylogger for Mac, Mac spy. Have you had this experience before?

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Author: SifuMikeLocation: Vancouver (not BC) WA (not DC) PostPosted: Wed Nov 24, 2010 6:33 am    Post subject:
OpenDNS has a new service called FamilyShield. It is free, as is OpenDNS

The single easiest way to keep your kids safe online and away from adult websites on your home Internet for free. No software to install.

Every Internet-connected device in your home gets protected, instantly
When you set up FamilyShield on your router, every device in your home that shares that Internet connection gets protected too. Your kids' Xbox, Wii, DS, iPad, and cell phone also get protected.

This Web filter is always up-to-date
We block a constantly updated (24/7) list of adult Web sites from ever reaching your computer.

Comes with built-in security
Take the guesswork out of identifying fraudulent sites. FamilyShield automatically blocks identity theft or "phishing" websites and virus-spreading malware websites.

Makes your Internet faster and more reliable
What's more, the service is powered by OpenDNS, a company trusted by millions around the world, including thousands of schools, businesses, and homes like yours to secure their Internet connections.

What's the difference between FamilyShield and OpenDNS Basic?
Choose FamilyShield if you're looking for a quick, no-fuss way to protect your children from adult content online for free. Choose OpenDNS Basic if you'd like a more customizable alternative you can block or unblock lots of other types of sites, see reports on how your family uses your Internet connection, and more. OpenDNS Basic offers everything FamilyShield does, and it's also free, but it requires a few extra setup and customization steps.

Networking/Security Forums -> Security Related Software

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