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Author: overrider PostPosted: Fri Oct 29, 2004 5:38 am    Post subject: SSH to make a secure Connection to my Routers Telnet or Webi
Hello all,

this is my first Post, i am not sure if this is the right Category for this thread. Please bear with me.

I have been following the suggestions in this Article:

My Router is accessible via a Telnet Session or a Webinterface. Connecting to the Telnet Port is unsecure, since Password and all other Info is send plain text. I want to use SSH Tunneling to make a secure encrypted Connection between my Laptop and the Router, so i put this in the Terminal:

For Webinterface:
ssh mylaptopip -L 10080:routerip:80

When i now go to my Browser and type in the Webinterface comes up and everything is fine and i should have a secure connection. Problem is when i open up another Terminal on my Laptop and type sudo /usr/local/bin/tcpflow -i en0 -c host routerip to sniff the connection, i still see all the html and traffic flying by unencrypted as i make my changes to the router via the webinterface.

For Telnet:
ssh mylaptopip -L 10081:routerip:23

When i type in the Terminal telnet 10081 the Telnet Interface of my Router comes up and prompts me for a Password. When i sniff the Connection again, i can see my entered Password flying by as i press Enter to confirm the Password Entry.

Now the Question is, where is the security in this? Is my Connection encrypted, just not when i listen to traffic on my local NIC? Am i doing the tunnel wrong? Should the Syntax be
ssh notmylaptop -L 10080:routerip:23

It would be great if somebody can shed some light in this.


Author: Rowdy Yates PostPosted: Fri Oct 29, 2004 1:13 pm    Post subject:
Linux-based SSH proxy,295796,sid6_iss486_art997,00.html

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