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Author: alt.don PostPosted: Sun Mar 27, 2005 8:27 pm    Post subject: Book review - iPod & iPod mini 2nd Edition
iPod & iPod mini 2nd Edition

Author(s): Guy Hart-Davis
Publisher: Osborne McGraw-Hill
Book Specifications: Soft-Cover, 405 Pages
Category: Hand held devices/MP3
User Level: None required
Suggested Publisher Price: $24.99 USA/ $34.95 CAN/ £16.99
ISBN: 0-07-225452-1 iPod & iPod mini 2nd Edition iPod & iPod mini 2nd Edition

Info from Back: "Take your iPod or iPod mini to the limit by using it not only for music, but also to track your appointments, carry your contacts and notes, and back up your data files—you can even boot your Mac with your iPod. Updated to cover the latest iPods, including the iPod mini, this second edition helps you get the most from these powerful devices. You’ll learn to load your iPod or iPod mini with songs and data, use it as a portable hard disk, and keep it working smoothly—all in clearly explained, step-by-step instructions.”


Apple computers was mostly known for their niche computer offerings rather then their cutting edge electronics. That all changed with the introduction of the iPod, and its smaller siblings like the iPod mini. Much like Sony with the introduction of the Walkman several decades ago, Apple has achieved a watershed moment in personal entertainment with the release of the iPod. I first heard of this mp3 player several years ago, and did not actually get one until last year when one was given to me. It was a hard concept to fathom that so many songs could be lugged around in such a small package. Since getting my first iPod we have since bought two more in the form of the mini iPod. Being into computers it was a must that I attempt to get as much out of the iPod as possible. Being a new technology though, it would have been difficult I thought to get a good reference book on this product. Each new generation of the iPod has incorporated new features like the contact list, games, and other features. It only makes sense to want to maximize these but it takes time to learn how. Having this book will bring you up to speed quickly, and allow you to get the most out of your iPod.

Content & Overview
The books contents are broken down into four parts, which in turn comprise seventeen chapters, and an index. In the first part of the book you are introduced to the material you likely bought this book for; how to get the darn thing working! Not only that but if you bought this book prior to getting an iPod, it will also help you understand the various types of iPods as there is now more then one type. Also detailed in this part of the book is how to load music onto your iPod from either a Mac or a Windows computer. Part two of the book covered an area I was already familiar with; ripping music from your cd collection. Also covered though is how to download music files from the web itself. It is here as well that you will read about iTunes. I must admit I only recently began to use iTunes, and so far I rather like it. After all why buy a whole cd if you can just buy the songs you want for a very reasonable price. With iTunes in mind part two of the book will also show you how to burn cd’s and dvd’s from iTunes.

With some of the later generation iPod’s you now have the ability to use it as a PDA. Seen in part three is how to use these features if you have them on your iPod. The iPod mini’s I have do indeed possess these qualities. It is still a little odd to use my iPod for this type of storage, but it is very much up to the task, once you get your mind wrapped around it. Having an iPod is very nice indeed, but they are an expensive gadget. With that in mind it behooves you to keep it in optimal condition. This very thought is gone over in part four of the book. You will also learn to use your iPod as a hard drive, and for the fashion conscious learn how to accessorize it. Rounding out the book is how to master advanced iPod skills, and also troubleshoot your iPod as well as iTunes.

Style and Detail

The book itself is my preferred size; bigger then a pocket novel! One of my pet peeves also is not present, which is overly thin pages. These pages have a nice thickness to them, and do impart a feeling of quality. Throughout the book the various fonts, and text size is nicely used to highlight the material at hand. Also as befits a book of this nature there are many diagrams, and pictures to further clarify a learning point. Overall I rather liked the layout, and feel of the book.


One of the problems in purchasing electronic gadgets is the sometimes daunting prospect of learning how to use it. Whether it be a VCR, DVD, or in this case an iPod, getting it to work is often an annoying side-effect. Use the following example as a benchmark if you will. It took my wife who is not a technophile very little time to learn how to use her iPod mini, and discover all of its features. The author of this book has done an excellent job of getting the information across in easy to digest chunks; job well done. I for one highly recommend this book. This book gets a 9 from me.

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Author: deannali PostPosted: Thu Jul 09, 2009 11:41 am    Post subject:
How do you transfer music from my ipod to my new computer? My old computer just died and all of my ipod music was on their. My ipod still works but i just need to know how to put my ipod music onto my new computer and how to download my ipod onto my computer so i can download new music onto my ipod.

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Author: alt.don PostPosted: Thu Jul 09, 2009 1:00 pm    Post subject:
Install iTunes on your new computer and then sync your iPod with your new computer.

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